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  • 23.01.2021
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    Trump and DOJ lawyer reportedly plotted to oust acting attorney general

    Tonight: White House Communications director Kate Bedingfield on the president's call for action—and the push for Democrats to employ the McConnell doctrine. Then, as Capitol insurrectionists attempt the "Trump made me do it!" defense in court, new details on the second impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. Plus, the story of the congressman caught trying to bring a gun onto the floor of the House.
  • 22.01.2021
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    McConnell threatens filibuster to prevent Dems from controlling Senate

    Tonight: Mitch McConnell's brazen move to seize power, and the imperative for Democrats to move quickly on impeachment, Covid relief and more. Then, Dr. Fauci's candid take on the troubling state of vaccine distribution—and his new found "liberation." Plus, the massive push from the Biden push to un-Trump the federal government.
  • 20.01.2021
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    How Trump could use his last hours of pardon power

    Tonight: How America gave itself the chance to end its long, national nightmare. Then, Trump's last days, and what's next for the party that enabled him. Plus, Jordan Klepper of the Daily Show on the Americans still under the spell of Donald Trump.
  • 19.01.2021
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    More than 20K National Guard troops to be in D.C. ahead of Biden inauguration

    Tonight: John Podesta on America's first non-peaceful transfer of power, and the chaos Joe Biden is inheriting. Then, Congressman Jamaal Bowman on his plan to fix the failures that lead to the siege. Plus, David Remnick on the New Yorker's stunning first person record of what happened inside the Capitol. Plus, on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., one last attempt to rewrite history from the White House.
  • 16.01.2021
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    Capitol mob came within seconds of meeting VP Pence

    Tonight: How one party's moral failure, fear, and disloyalty to the country led America to this point—and how it’s not too late to do the right thing. Then, as federal prosecutors allege insurrectionists plotted to capture and assassinate elected officials, one police officer speaks out after being, dragged, beaten, and tased by Trump's mob.
  • 15.01.2021
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    Public officials, school therapist, fmr. CEO among those arrested in wake of Capitol riot

    Tonight: As arrests continue, what we're learning more about how the insurrection was planned, and new warnings about the threat we still face. Then, as the economy moves in the wrong direction and vaccinations continue to lag, will the new Joe Biden plan be enough to make a difference?
  • 14.01.2021
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    10 Republicans join every Democrat to impeach Trump for the second time

    7 days from the inauguration, 7 days after an insurrection, Donald J. Trump is impeached for the second time. Tonight: what this means for the country, for a Senate trial, and for the next president. Then, as 10 Republicans vote to impeach, new calls to investigate the members who supported the mob.
  • 13.01.2021
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    House prepares historic vote to impeach Trump again

    Tonight: Breaking news that Mitch McConnell will turn on his partner in the White House and attempt to purge the president with impeachment. As the House prepares to vote, the growing bipartisan push to remove Trump from office. Then, what we learned from the first big briefing about last week's attack on the democracy and the clear and present danger we still face.
  • 12.01.2021
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    Giuliani left voicemail for senator after riot asking for help to overturn election

    Tonight: The desperate push to secure the country as the FBI warns of new violence and D.C. plans the inauguration. Plus, stunning new scenes of brutality inspired by the president, the digital detective work to find and arrest the perpetrators, and the constitutional tool to prevent Trump conspirators from holding office.
  • 18.06.2020
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    Listen to Chris Hayes' and Kara Swisher's complete interview with Tim Cook from the MSNBC & Recode "Revolution: Apple Changing the World" town hall event. Cook sounds off on the future of education and technology, privacy and your data, the NRA, and much more. (Check out video clips from the program at